Snaps and Carabiner


All our snaps are MADE IN ITALY and are manufactured with the highest technology and best raw material.

Kong Snap for Tug Line (10 pcs. pack)

Kong Snap for Neck Line (10 pcs. pack)

BGB Snap for Tug Line (10 pcs pack)

BGB Snap for Neck Line (10 pcs pack)

Plastic Snap (10 pcs. pack)

Eskimokrok (rounded) - (10 pcs. pack)

Eskimokrok (rounded) L - (10 pcs. pack)

Eskimokrok (10 pcs. pack)

Kong Panic Snap Small

Kong Panic Snap Large

Kong Carabiner Plus

Kong Carabiner Ovalone with Twist Lock

Kong Carabiner Classic