• Description
Linkskin® spray solution supports the skin barrier functionality and the restoration of microbial populations:
• Tyndallized lactobacilli, whose heat treatment guarantees its stability and effectiveness in aqueous solution; • Extracts of algae that provide a variety of nutrients to support biodiversity and homeostasis of cutaneous microbiota; • Dry extract of tamarind and plant polyphenols: high antioxidant synergy. Enhances the normalization of the skin microenvironment, counteracting skin irritation.
INDICATIONS Linkskin® spray solution has a direct action on the skin surface to prevent and counteract skin alterations. It  promotes the balance of microbiota, reinforcing the immune system and acts as an antioxidant.
It can be used both in combination and during periods of temporal suspension of drug treatments, in subjects under 3kg of weight and younger than 12 months.
The natural pigments of plant polyphenols give a dark color to the solution that does not transfer to the coat and to the skin of the animal.