Linkskin Tablets

  • Description

Linkskin® tablets supports the function of cutaneous and intestinal barriers and promotes the correct modulation of the immune response that involves the axis gut-skin, thanks to the activity of its components:
• Live and vital lactobacilli (probiotics), whose microencapsulation improves their effectiveness at the gastrointestinal level; • Dry cucumber extract (Cucumis sativus) with calming and antioxidant properties; • Plant polyphenols, with high antioxidant activity, which contribute to the normalization of the cutaneous microenvironment; • Evening primrose oil, Vitamin D3 and β-defensins able to support the defensive mechanisms of skin and intestine.
INDICATIONS Linkskin® tablets acts from the inside to prevent and counteract the skin alterations, promoting the balance of cutaneous and intestinal microbiota, reinforcing the immune system and acting as an antioxidant.
It can be used both in association and during periods of temporal suspension of drug treatments, in subjects weighing less than 3kg and less than 12 months old.